There's really nothing to it. Copy this text to notepad and use it for reference for the few times you will need it.


Click Here for a COOL Utility to find YOUR IP Address
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    Here is a download you can use to find out if someone is cheating...Just unzip it, and when you are in an online game, you can alt/tab out of the game, click on the Net Statistics icon, and if there are more ports open that people playing, someone is using a cheat patch.
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  • To join a game that someone is hosting, Click:
  • Start
  • Program Files
  • Hasbro
  • Risk, and when the Game Menu pops up,
  • Start Multiplayer Game,
  • Multiplayer on Remote Machines,
  • Play a Standard Network Game,
  • Internet TCP/IP Connection for Direct Play,
  • Join a game in progress.
    It will ask you for the Numbered Address that you must get from the person hosting the game.Typically, it's ( 12 numbers, but not always. ENJOY PLAYING A GAME OF RISK THAT ALMOST NEVER CRASHES!!!!!!(with the exception of someone committing that ultimate sin....leaving the game)

  • Also, for faster play and less problems, you can click on system options after opening risk, and turn off the animating globe and flags, as well as change your screen resolution. (Try 800 x 600)
    You should also turn off extras, like chat programs (ICQ, Zone Message, etc.)

    Hosting is a little different. You need to get your IP address (it's a new one each time you log on the internet) from your server. If you are running Win95 or 98, find the winipcfg file in windows and open it. The second line (IP) is the number you need to give to the other players. If you don't have winipcfg, the download is a 7 kb utility (one or two blinks on a 28.8 modem) thats pretty easy to figure out, just click on the link at the left. When you get it, unzip it, and drag the exe file to your desktop, and when you click on the icon, your IP number pops up( also tells you how long you've been on the net) You can use the # to host the game! One thing to remember...Each time you log on to your internet server, the number changes, so if you disconnect & reconnect to your server, check your number before hosting a game. LAG IS VIRTUALLY ELIMINATED!!!

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